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Recorded at HHN 2010, see our other 2010 Terror Tram video here: After years of being disrespected and ignored, Chucky is ready to take his revenge on Halloween Horror Nights. For over two decades, the tortured soul of serial killer, Charles Lee Ray, has been trapped inside the body of a pint-sized "Good Guy" doll named, Chucky. Now Chucky has hijacked Halloween Horror Nights' marquee attraction, The Terror Tram, and has recruited some of the most infamous killers in horror history to help him take his ultimate revenge on Hollywood! You'll get off the tram and walk through Hollywood's scariest sets — but keep your eyes peeled for the urban legend, La Llorona. Legend has it, those who hear her cries are marked for death! And be on the lookout for Norman Bates as you pass the eerie Psycho House and the Bates Motel from the Hollywood Horror Classic, Psycho. This year, The Terror Tram lives up to its name like never before. Enjoy your last ride.