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Watch The Lion King 3D Trailer - Click to Subscribe! - Become a Fan! - Follow Us! Weve got the box office results from this weekend! Hey guys, Im Tatiana carrier with clevver movies and Ive got the box office numbers for ya! As we suspected the SIMBA and the gang were indeed the kings of the box office bringing in a higher than expected 29.2 million throughout the weekend. Before this newly polished 3D version which just releaed this past weekend, King already ranked as the top-grossing, hand-drawn animated film of all time. In its previous releases, it had grossed more then $328.5 million domestically, and $788.2 million worldwide. A couple other cool records the lions broke: Lion King 3D is the first re-issue to open at number one in 14 years: The last time it happened was Return of the Jedi - Special Edition in 1997. The movie's bow was also the fifth biggest September opening in history, and Disney's second biggest, following 2002's Sweet Home Alabama, which bowed to $35.6 million. Steven Soderbergh's medical thriller Contagion in its second weekend, took 2nd place with $14.5 million. The all star cast, insane story line, and intensity throughout drew in a solid crowd at the theatres this weekend, and we think the flick will stay top 5 for a few more weekends to come. Drive, one of the openers this weekend did pretty well, landing in 3rd. Nicolas Winding Refn's R-rated thriller, in which Gosling shares the screen with Carey ...