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It's the future of Journalism people! Be my best friend! Twitter: Facebook: ‪‪ Youtube: ‪‪ Follow Liam here: Youtube Facebook: Twitter: ‪ and Horton here: Created and written by Ilana Cohn Directed and edited by Liam Sullivan Starring: Liam Sullivan, Jason Horton and Ilana Cohn Produced by: Matt Cross Coordinator: Scott Sheeran DP: Eric Georgeson funny, Ilana Cohn, thufunclub, Liam Sullivan, Jason Horton, NPR, reading, can't read, I can't read this, comedy, smart comedy, journalism, news, youtube, lesson, the future, push door open, stuck in a room, fun, society commentary, fox news, Sarah Palin, ipods, reading is fundamental, hooked on phonics