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2 Jets convoy a UFO? (Possibly fake video).(Original title: "Incredible: Two Military Jets Convoy A UFO 8/11").[ A very possibly fake video... ].[ Video and text imported from:" Incredible: Two Military Jets Convoy a UFO. August 14, 2011: Incredible: Two Military Jets Convoy a UFO.Witness: An incredible real shot of a ufo and two military jets attend it. I was taking some shot for a test, when I heard a strong sound… The witness does not mention the place, date and time of the sighting, but it does not seem to be SGI. If it would be fake it’s well done and very effective.This is probably a military man-made flying saucer. But it remains remarkable that this convoy is visible to everyone. If anyone knows more on this sighting, location, date, please post your comment. " ]It also can be seen at: