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SUBSCRIBE! More original videos to come!Feedback would be greatly appreciated. (And please rate, too!)I wrote this song over the course of a year or so, coming up with new parts here and there. I finally finished it and decided to record it, starting December 2009 on my winter break from UC Berkeley (I'm not a music major). All of the parts for all instruments were written by me. The guitar parts were all recorded by me, direct into my computer (no amps or mics), and I used Guitar Rig 3 for the tones. The bass and drum parts were programmed (virtual instruments) because I had no good way of recording them. I used Reaper as my DAW on my new HP Windows 7 64-bit laptop. The song is still currently untitled.Note: I would have included the audio from the video footage (the live sound) except that I wanted to upload my song with the full audio quality of the original recording, and I didn't really have another place to upload the song for easy streaming. Also, sorry about the blurriness at times; the auto-focus was going a little crazy.In case you are curious, my guitar is an ESP LTD MH-307 (seven string with a floyd rose, currently out of production; I got mine on eBay). The acoustic used on the recording and in the video is my mom's Martin.Song Copyright Steven DeMartini 2010