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Please watch in 480p mode or higher for High Quality Audio! Sit back, put your feet up and enjoy a full listening session of this album, without the need to get up and flip the record!Now you can actually hear side two! This video was redone because I accidentally recorded side one twice! Thanks to "cedricsamson" for pointing this out.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------1. 0:02--------A1 "Bistro"2. 2:31--------A2 "Chora Tua Tristeza"3. 5:11--------A3 "Poema Do Adeus"4. 8:31--------A4 "O Apito No Samba"5. 11:22------A5 "Chega De Saudade"6. 16:42------A6 "Bossa Em Nova York"7. 18:37------B1 "O Amor E A Rosa"8. 22:10------B2 "O Menino Desce O Morro" (Little Brown Boy)9. 24:40------B3 "Menina Feia"10. 27:07------B4 "Ouça"11. 31:09------B5 "Samba De Uma Nota So"12. 34:57------B6 "Patinho Feio" (aka Ugly Duckling)Credits:Bass - Christopher WhiteDrums - Rudy CollinsPercussion - Jack Del Rio , Jose PauloPiano - Lalo SchifrinSaxophone, Flute - Leo WrightLabel: Audio FidelityCatalog#: AFSD 5981Format: Vinyl, LP, AlbumCountry: USReleased: 1962Genre: Jazz--------------------------------------------------------------------------------­-----------------Technical notes:Vinyl was washed in a 'Spin Clean Record Washer System' and treated with 'Gruv Glide'. Recorded from an Audio Technica AT-LP120usb turntable/Audio Technica AT-440Mla cartridge, into the phono input of a Harman/Kardon 330c receiver, and finally into an Onkyo Wavio SE-U33GXV USB Digital Audio processor. Recorded from my laptop using Audacity @ 24bit/48,000 Hz.Because this vinyl record is not in great shape, it plays with very distracting surface noise, so recorded audio went through iZotope RX's vinyl de-click & de-noise filter. These filters do wonders, with VERY little loss in detail. Aside from that, no other tweaking to the sound has been done!Exported from Sony Vegas in WMV format with the following settings:Audio: 2.3 Mbps, 48,000 Hz, 24 Bit, Stereo, WMA ProVideo: 29.970 fps, 1280x720 Progressive, 6.3 MbpsYoutube knocks the audio down from the above, to 96kbps in 360p, and 128kbps in 480p or higher. So make sure you watch this video in 480p mode for high quality audio!