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Inspired by the Family Guy's Peter Griffin vs. Chicken fights. And the most epic tour of the Africa Mercy. Filmed and edited in Freetown, Sierra Leone, West Africa. Debuted and quickly disqualified at Africa Mercy Independent Film Festival 2011 (AMIFF) for excessive violence, inappropriate content, and not proper sanitation of hands prior to entering food line. However, due to these qualifications, the film was the shown as "an example of what not to do" and it was the proud winning recipient of the AMIFF 2011 Razzie Award (a large bag of rice). Africa Mercy is a hospital ship run by Mercy Ships. We follow the 2000 year old example of Jesus by bringing hope and healing to the world's forgotten... and after hours we sometimes have film festivals. Writer, editor, and actor - Jay Swanson. Producer, actor, and sound effects - Beau Chevassus. http Director of Photography and Cinematographer - Liz Chevassus. Special thanks to the entire Africa Mercy crew, Video Copilot, Jeremy, Josh, Cassidy, Nathan, and Stockholm.