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(Level: ALL) This year, I decided to do my 'demonar' tour available to the mass general public. I usually just do schools during my fall/winter tour, but will my following, I done with the feeling of them being 'left out'. So, in addition to O2B2 Pro Hands-On Workshop tour, I'm kicking off my KTalk tour in NYC starting Oct 1. This is an opportunity for every makeup enthusiasts, consumer or pros, to attend a seminar, learn some real useful tips and techniques, and more. Attendees receive gift bags fro sponsors, and a 'Proof of Attendance' document, that can be a secondary proof towards Student or Pro card application at various brands. This video covers more information, along with O2B2 and and the much attended Contracts class! Enjoy! Fall 2011 KTalk Schedule includes: NYC, Houston, Chicago, Sacramento, Honolulu, and San Diego (pending). Winter 2012 KTalk Cities in consideration are: Miami, Philadelphia, Orlando, DC, Boston, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Minneapolis, Denver, Seattle, Santa Clara, Burbank, and San Juan PR. International destinations: Toronto, Vancouver, London, and Sydney. And possibly Italy, somewhere :) For more info on KTalk Live!: For more info on O2B2 Follow me on Twitter for more announcements LIKE my FaceBook FAN Page: FTC--- No one paid me to make this video. I am the director and educator for KTalk, co-director and co-educator for O2B2.