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14 new videos every week! More info & links below! Renegade video: David So video: This is still sort of "the start", getting more and more on edge though as it goes on: only a few small scares in this one. The random cuts are because there was a lot of boring stuff, but probably 90% of the stream is in this next series of videos. I cut it in a way that would hopefully make you guys (the viewers) unsettled just as I was, because you don't know if it's going to be just me running around or something freaky as hell. :D No I have never done any LSD, and for best effect, watch this video late at night with your lights off. Where did I get the game? Friend of mine is a rare game collector and let me borrow the CD: it's for the Playstation. Interestingly, the music in this game is all the same song, just played at different speeds, with some of the notes re-arranged, and using different sounds. It was mainly designed by Ken Ishii, the guy who did the Rez music. Co-commentator: --------------------------------------------------------------------------- There's more stuff on the links down here! MORE VIDEOS! TWITTER & FACEBOOK CLOTHING/MERCHANDISE BUSINESS EMAIL dezmondac at gmail