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This is the first of two videos in a video walkthrough I did of the SNES Sailor Moon RPG. This goes from the start of the game up to the end of chapter 3. There are quite a few grinding spots in this particular video, and I have listed the spots in which grinding is going on. For those of you who want to skip those parts and just want to watch the story (and perhaps a few fights here and there), you should be able to just watch the non-grinding bits by skipping through the video using this list. 1:22:00-1:36:54 1:55:40-2:05:05 2:13:11-2:21:20 2:34:00-2:37:25 3:15:28-3:22:07 3:23:00-3:28:08 3:59:28-4:08:13 4:16:04-4:26:56 4:37:04-4:58:03 I have no idea who the majority of these characters are, or their background stories, etc..... I just did a video of this since it was an RPG and I remember it being rather easy (it just took a lot of grinding). I've never read any of the comics, but I've seen perhaps a few episodes a long time ago, but I still have no idea who is who or why they're important.... I didn't want to grind that much, but having gone through it to take notes, looking at guides, and so forth for the video, I found that some areas really need you to be at a particular level. You really need to hope at times that when you level up, you get a good boost to the stats....