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STONE PARADE PRESENTED BY PAUL The voicemail is simple "Just past the laundromat then turn left, you'll hear us when you get there". Alex is a man of few words. Inside a poorly lit factory, behind walls of guitars, old paintings and broken amps I find drummer Billy Handley hanging out his washing and cleaning up dirty dishes which have been left on the sink against his wishes. He's not a happy camper as his sign above the sink c...learly states "Wash up your own stuff morons!" You see, since Billy's back living at the band's rehearsal space, the rest of Stone Parade feel that this is the fairest way for their newest member to 'pay his dues'. "A little morning fresh wouldn't kill anyone" laughs someone from the other room. I get the vibe these guys know each other a bit too well. The rest of Stone Parade has gathered around with a jovial manner, more akin to a flock of seagulls after a stray chip than a rock band strung up on appearances. Definitely no swagger here. It's far from what I expected from a Sydney band who only recently won the International Songwriting Competition. What started out as a jam in a pool side cabana, turned into months of sleeping on floors in LA and has now finally resulted in Stone Parade's second full length album 'Stratosphere'. The sound is raw, energetic, rich & vibrant. Add to it they have some quality players behind them including mixer Mark Needham (The Killers) & masters by Leon Zervos (Midnight Oil). The fact the album was not only self ...