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or Having children in my trainings is the best treat for me. I get so much sincere confirmation from them because, as you know, kids don't lie. Dr. Ihaleakala always said it is easier to teach a chair to do Ho'oponopono than to teach people, because we think (intellect). We are always thinking, comparing, and making stories. We are never present! Well, as it turns out, it is also easier to teach the kids. They don't complicate matters with unnecessary rationalization nor do they feel the need to "understand it" all, like us! Did you know that, during the Ho'oponopono trainings, it is better if you fall asleep? This way, we don't take the process personally! You see, the intellect often gets tired from so much "thinking." However, the subconscious mind (your inner child) never sleeps, and this is precisely the part we want to share this information with. More information