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Listen to LibriVox Community Podcast #116 hosted by Ruth Golding (RuthieG).

Download audio file (librivox_community_podcast_116.mp3)

Duration: 44m 21s.

Tributes to:

The late Chris Booth (icyjumbo) including an extract from his reading of William Wilberforce’s 1789 speech ‘On Slavery‘.
The late Alan Davis Drake (Cloud Mountain) including his reading of Jazz Fantasia by Carl Sandburg.Contributions from:

Andy Minter (ExEmGe) on ‘Where to listen to LibriVox audiobooks’
Hugh McGuire (hugh) taking a measured look at the future of LibriVox
David Lawrence (aradlaw) and the readers of Karawane by Hugo Ball
Don W. Jenkins (maxfarce) and Dawn Larsen (Bead Krazy Dawn) reading some of their conversations as reader and proof-listener during recording of The Exploits of Juve, introduced by Nadine Eckert-Boulet (neckertb)
Bob Gonzalez (bobgon55) on the thoughts and feelings of an enthusiastic new volunteer
Anniversary greetings from JemmaBlythe, Psudonae_Vox and Steve (slmitchell)
Lars Rolander (Rowland) on the cultural value of LibriVox
The first LibriVox book … and GabrielleC reading a poem in the 6th Anniversary Collection.Musical silliness (as expected) from:

RuthieG – disgraceful parodies of
My old dutch (1893) words by Albert Chevalier (1861–1923), music by Charles Ingle (Auguste Chevalier) (1863-1940)
Waiting at the church (1906) words by Fred W. Leigh, music by Henry E. Pether (1868-1932)
Daisy Bell (1892) written and composed by Harry Dacre (1860-1922)
I do like to be beside the seaside (1907) written by John A. Glover-Kind (1882-1918) with a special guest appearance by Nadine. :)

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