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Multimedia Chronicles DVDs, Zaranyzerak CDs, T-Shirts, Posters, Mugs and more available exclusively from: Facebook Fan Page Last time we took and in depth look at Shout Factory's release of Conan the Adventurer Season 1 on DVD, briefly touching on some of the issues with the episode order. This time around, I go in depth as to the BEST order to watch all 13 episodes of Season 1 based on story continuity, with plenty of reasons why I think each episode falls where it does in the continuity. If you'd like to print out the order for yourself, along with which discs to find each episode on, here it is - Episode order based on story continuity: 1. The Night of Fiery Tears (Disc 1) 2. Blood Brother (Disc 1) 3. Men of Stone (Disc 2) 4. Star of Shadizar (Disc 1) 5. Greywolf of Xanthus (Disc 1) 6. Shadow Walkers (Disc 1) 7. Conan the Gladiator (Disc 1) 8. The Claw of Heaven (Disc 2) 9. Windfang's Eyrie (Disc 2) 10. The Heart of Rakkir (Disc 1) 11. The Serpent Riders of Set (Disc 2) 12. The Terrible Torrinon (Disc 2) 13. Seven Against Stygia (Disc 2) Enjoy!