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The Indian Bollywood film maker Mukesh Bhatt has decided to shoot his new film “Blood Money” in the Belgian port city of Antwerp. Antwerp is the centre of world diamond trade also has a large Indian community that is employed in the diamond industry. According to news published by the Flemish public broadcaster VRT on Sunday, this is the first time when a Bollywood film will be shot in Antwerp.

The movie “Blood Money” is a story of an Indian couple that moves to Antwerp for the job of husband. The financial support for the movie is being given from Flemish Tourist Board. The Flemish Tourist Board invited producer Mukesh Bhatt to Antwerp to look for suitable locations to shoot the movie.

The board’s Lea Winkler said that, “we have been in negotiations with the makers of the film since 2008 and have invested 143,000 Euros in the project.”

In 2010 the number of Indian tourists visiting Flanders rose by 16 percent. This is to be expected that the film “Blood Money” will encourage even more Indian tourists to visit Flanders.

Mukesh Bhatt to shoot ‘Blood Money’ in Belgian City
Originally published on: All India Today

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