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Please Like and Share this video! Subscribe to get awesome new animations personally delivered - Be the first to watch! A distracted circus tamer awakes from his nap to discover that all of his animals have escaped! Chaos ensues as he frantically searches for his animals around Paris. Through his binoculars, he spies a giraffe taking a leisurely boat ride, a lion devour a helpless grandmother at a vegetable stand, a hippopotamus next to the Eiffel Tower, an out-of-control Gorilla on top of a skyscraper, and some mischievous penguins staring back at him through binoculars. In the end, he finds that everything is not exactly as it seems. Check out more at See Sylvain Malin's Aniboom Profile: Sylvain Malin's YouTube Channel: Follow Aniboom: Facebook: Twitter: MySpace: Aniboom Blog: