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News! Official selection for the Show Me Justice Film Festival (2012) and Christian International Film Festival (2012). This Creative Brief project was conceived by a collaborative group of creative minds while serving on board the world's largest NGO hospital ship, the Africa Mercy. The ship, run by Mercy Ships, provides health services to underdeveloped African nations and currently is serving Sierra Leone's impoverished people. The project was filmed throughout Freetown, Sierra Leone's capital city. The creative team consisted of Beau Chevassus (videographer), Claire Ross (writer), and David Peterson (photographer), who combined each of their skills to create the final product. The technique used in this film is referred to as "Everlooping" by the creative team. For this project the team equipped a Land Rover with a generator strapped to the roof which powered a printer. The printer in turn was connected to a MacBook Pro. Chevassus and Ross would film the subjects, Peterson would take a still screenshot from the footage on the laptop, and the ensuing photo would be printed out for use as the beginning frame in the next clip. Thus the entire film had to be shot chronologically, and the filming was done in but a few hours. The poem itself was compiled by Claire Ross. Ross researched and spoke with dozens of local Sierra Leoneans and orchestrated their quotes and stories into a complete poetic piece. The music is sung by Ross' cousin, Alistair Ross, a world renowned ...