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*re-upload*Original Upload Date: 14 August, 2010Original Channel Upload: MissEmmy93Fandom: Harry PotterCouple: DracoMalfoy&HermioneGrangerSong: Pieces -*storyline*The first 34 seconds it's about Draco, who has to kill Dumbledore. But Snape interrupts, so Draco didn't do it.After that it's from Hermione's POV. Hermione knew what Draco had to do, but she let him. And she's sad, because of what Draco almost did, because of she loved Draco more than anything in the world, and he betrayed her. She's mad at him, for doing this to her, she thinks about when they had their first dance. She thinks about when Draco told her about his 'mission' and finally she thinks about what it was after he told her. She didn't want anything to do with Draco anymore, so she ignores him. Everywhere. Now she thinks of it, she blames herself for Draco's actions. She should have been there for him. While he needed her the most, she turned her back on him. Hermione's POV ends at 1.16After that it's from Draco's POV. You see Draco walking away from the 'crime scene' he sees that he's in big trouble & that he can't come back, not to Hogwarts, not to his friends, and certainly not back to Hermione.He remembers.I do not own anything from this video! Made for FUN, NOT for profit!