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Welcome back to another Edition of Learn Tagalog Today,Word of the Day,where we attempt to teach you the Tagalog/Filipino Language ,1 word or 1 phrase at a time. In our lesson today we learn the word Ganito, which means "Like This". So how about if we use this in a sentence? Ganito Talaga ko Magmahal Eh!! This translates to mean " I Really Love This Eh!" Ganito as we already learned translates to mean so, or like this. Talaga is an interesting word,because it can be a question or a statement. All you need to do is change the inflection in your voice to change the meaning.Listen to the video to see who we do this. Magmahal means "Love or To Love". With the Mag at the front of the word, it makes this more of the present tense. Eh simply ads more stress to the entire phrase,To more or less show excitement. There you have another useful and interesting word for today. Hope you enjoyed this episode, if so, please remember to hit that like button and leave comments. I will see you at our next Word of the day. Till then, Paalam ,which translates to Goodbye!!!magmahal,paalam,