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Saying that terror attacks in our nation were a proxy war waged by Pakistan, senior BJP (Bharatiya Janata Party) leader Mr. L. K. Advani on Thursday said that the Indian government must drop its ambivalence and adopt zero tolerance approach towards terrorism.

Mr. L.K Advani told that “Indian government must shed its ambivalence towards terrorism. It should declare that its policy against terrorism will be of zero tolerance. It must be categorical that there will be no tolerance towards terrorism after yesterday’s attacks,”.

Preserving that no purpose would be served by hiring in a dialogue with the Pakistan until the terror bases was desltroyed, the former deputy prime minister said that the terror strikes were “not failure of intelligence but failure of policy“.

He bewailed that Mumbai has become the favourite target of the terrorists, whether from within our country or from our neighbouring country.

He also said that “Pakistanis have claimed that whatever was happening in Kashmir was not terrorism but freedom struggle. Pakistan has been trying for years to show to the world that Kashmir is a disputed territory, Some say that Indian Mujahideen is behind the (yesterday’s) attacks. Even if it is Indian Mujahideen, they get their sustenance from Pakistan,”.

Referring to the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks, Mr. Advani said there were talks in some quarters about the engagement of non-state actors. The Senior BJP leader also said that “ISI is not a non-state actor. ISI is a part of the Pakistani establishment,”.

Adopt zero tolerance approach towards terror says L.K Advani
Originally published on: All India Today

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