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In a Past Lesson, we discussed how to say the days of the Week in Tagalog,such as Monday,Tuesday, Wednesday and so on.n Today's Learn Tagalog Today ,Word of the Day, we will learn to say days of the week,past, present and future. How do you say today is Monday in Tagalog? You say Ito ay Lunes(Today is Monday). To say Tomorrow as Monday in Tagalog , you will say,Bukas ay Lunes. Finally , to say Yesterday was Monday, you will say,Kahapon ay Lunes.There you have, you can use these words with each day of the week, to say today is Monday, or Tuesday,or whatever day you prefer. Thank you stopping in to Learn Tagalog Today, Word of the day. Please stay tuned for tomorrow's word of the day. Until then Paalam.