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Jake's Dirty Jokes - Jokes... 2:35
We met Jake in previous video, he promised us some jokes and all tho they a bit gunchy and dirty they are funny and here they are! Got Questions, Comments or Suggestions? Hit us up. When we go out to the bar, everyone knows that it's really the bartender that gets you drunk, not the booze. These fine ladies and gentlemen work hard. The best ones are artists, keeping the drinks flowing while amusing their patrons with wit and conversation. Bartenders are often the keepers of secrets and stories. They are confidants and jokesters, and they have all got a tale to tell. I want to travel across the United States, visiting bars from the east coast to the west, to find the funniest jokes and most entertaining stories that these tireless mixologists are willing to share. Aleksey Solodov
Submitted by: Aleksey
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