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Hehe......doesn't inspriation just love moi? Well....Let's say that this is America singing, how's that sound? I found the song on here yesturday for some reason and choice of fate. And it took me around six hours to find the pictures and complete it!Couple: America(Alfred Jones) and England(Arthur Kirkland)Beginning Song: "Uneraseable Sin" ~Nina Katade (1st ending for FMA 1st anime, if you did not know)Main Song: "Peacock" ~Katy PerryEnding Song: "Shattered" ~Trading YesturdayNONE OF THE PICTURES, MUSIC, OR PROGRAMS BELONG TO ME PERSONALLY. PLEASE, IF YOU WANT ME TO REMOVE IT DUE TO SUCH PROBLEMS, PLEASE LET ME KNOW AS SOON AS POSSIBLE!Thank you.I also will share the pictures on request if you wish for me to, I will still have every one of them.I found the pictures on DeviantArt, Photobucket, and Google Pictures.