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In Today's Learn Tagalog Today,Word of the Day, we will change up slightly and teach you several Tagalog Words. You will learn to say Tagalog Colors. Blue,Red,Orange,Purple,Black and white. To say red in Tagalog , you say pula.Blue in Tagalog is asul.Yellow in Tagalog is dilaw.Black in Tagalog is itim.White in Tagalog is puti.Green in Tagalog is berde.Orange in Tagalog is kulay-dalandan.Purple in Tagalog is kulay-ube. And finally , Brown in Tagalog is kayumanggi. There you have it, many Tagalog Colors you can use in every day life. Thanks for your continued support,hope you learned a lot from this lesson. Please comment below and like this lesson if it taught you anything. Hope to see you for the next word of the day lesson,please subscribe below. Until the next time,Paalam, Which means Good bye!!!!