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More workout vids: this video, I show you how to build massive biceps and triceps at home with these 3 super set exercises (supersets are 2 exercises done back to back with no rest in between) All you need is a pair of dumbbells.Superset Comb #1 - Dumbbell Curls/ Close Grip Push Ups - 3 super sets till failureSuperset Comb # 2 - Hammer Curls/ Dumbbell Overhead Ext - 3 super sets till failureSuperset Comb #3 - Concentration Curls/ Couch Dips - 3 super sets till failureTip - Make sure you use a weight heavy enough to only be able to do about 8 - 12 reps.And while these are great arm exercises...obviously they'll work better when they're part of the right Afterburn Training routine. Afterburn Training is my unique workout system that combines compound weightlifting with short, high intensity cardio. My clients like it because you only need 4 short 30 minute workouts per week -- and it allows you to build muscle while also staying very lean.Watch this vid to learn how YOU can start using Afterburn Training in your workouts: