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The Movie Guys' July Movie... 4:24
SUBSCRIBE! If you have a crack-like addiction to movies, SUBSCRIBE to our channel! New content posted weekly! Visit for more from The Movie Guys. Movie Guys Paul Preston and Lee Kias give you the lowdown and their thoughts on what's happening movie-wise in July. Covered: TRANSFORMERS: DARK OF THE MOON, a spectacle so big, it deserved it's own preview show.
Submitted by: TheMovieGuys
Keywords: The Movie Guys Paul Preston Lee Kias Transformers:Dark of the Moon The Wall Michael Bay Decepticons Autobots Neocons Prop 8 Prius Chris Tucker Woody Allen Bad News Bears Blues Brothers Chicago Detroit cars Shia Lebeouf Wall Street Indiana Jones Megan Fox Rosie Huntington Whitely racism robot Boyle
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