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Backbreaker Vengeance Supremacy Trailer [HD]Developer: NaturalMotion GamesRelease: 6/29/2011Genre: SportsPlatform: PS3/X360Publisher: 505 GamesWebsite: www.backbreakergame.comBackbreaker Vengeance takes the intensity and AAA appeal of the original Backbreaker Football console game and combines it with the pick-up-and-play nature of the million-selling iPhone app to create a whole new one-of-a-kind sports experience for digital download on Xbox LIVE Arcade for Xbox 360. Powered by the groundbreaking euphoria engine Backbreaker Vengeance, features hard-hitting tackles that are unique every time, and bound to want players to have "just one more go".Follow Machinima on Twitter!Machinima Gaming Respawn Entertainment, Technology, Culture MORE MACHINIMA, GO TO: MORE GAMEPLAY, GO TO: MORE SPORTS GAMEPLAY, GO TO: MORE TRAILERS, GO TO: MMO AND RPG GAMEPLAY, GO TO: Backbreaker Vengeance Supremacy Trailer machinima video game xbox 360 microsoft playstation 3 ps3 sony 505 games natural motion football nfl blitz madden gameplay debut new