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I searched for ages on youtube and other sites on how to put a photo or picture in a shape. then i figured it out and thought to share it. I didnt add text on video to keep it high resolution but any questions just ask!!INSTRUCTIONS BELOW1. open document2. select custom tool on left menu, select shape and size from top bar, draw &position (under menu bar)(it shud do itself but ensure that this is on a new layer)3. then add new layer on top of heart layer4. go to file menu, place, browse&select photo5. position&resize photo then click arrow tool to apply transformation (arrow tool top of left tool bar).6. drag the heart up and on right beside photo layer(photo layer should have circle next to it)7. u may want to position it correctly or edit menu, transform path to resize photo.8. apply transformation clicking on arrow tool on left menu9. u can change bkgrd colour by click on layer below inside the white square.10.colour palette appears choose colour then save doc.