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.A clip from the documentary " A Delicate Balance - The Truth".T. Colin Campbell, the author of "The China Study" the longest study ever conducted between health and food, discusses the hazards of an animal based diet.Watch this full length documentary (free) online.A DELICATE BALANCE - THE TRUTH Delicate Balance debunks the myths surrounding the production and consumption of animal products and exposes the harsh realities ...Why are you three times more likely to die of colon cancer if you eat meat?How is meat production causing water shortage, starvation and poverty?Are you inflicting Type 1 diabetes on your children by feeding them milk?Why don't our medical schools teach doctors about nutrition?Can becoming a vegan really lead to worldwide social equity?A Delicate Balance documents the latest discoveries of some of the most prominent experts on nutrition in the world. Over 50 years of research is skilfully woven into what feels like a detective unravelling the mysteries behind the disease epidemic which has struck affluent countries with a vengeance - disease has been escalating over the last 50 years resulting in 1 in 2 men and 1 in 3 women being diagnosed with cancer. Do Vegans Get Their Protein? New York Times; Rethinking The Meat Guzzler.