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three months with the boy yesterday (: this month has been filled with tons of firsts.. first show, first birthday with me, first time bareback to hands, first time riding outside, first blue ribbon on the flat, first blue ribbon over fences, first reserved champion, first purposeful lead change, i could go on. but this hasn't been an easy rode...i also had my first fall of him, and we're now going through a rough stage of bucking..and i'm not complaining i KNOW he's young and he's going to do that, i'm just saying that is whats hapenning right now. but that does't upset me, not one bit. i look at the possitive, because theres no point in playing "poor me" with the negatives. laugh off the bad..that's the best way. otherwise you're taking what you have for granted, and i never want to do that. honestly, this month has been great and i know the months to come will be even better. thanks for being awesome pony, dont know what i would do without you! love you to bits, happy 3 months xoxobtw, at :28 is not me, its draftsrus! sub herrr. i used tht clip cuz it was like "and as i watch" and i was watching...ya know. haha ya sry i like matching clips like im obsessed. she was the first person besides me and the person i bought him from to jump him :D