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BY JENNIFER MECKLESYou're watching multisource world video news analysis from Newsy.The battle for power in Ivory Coast may finally be coming to an end Tuesday as reports say UN officials are negotiating with president Laurent Gbagbo for his surrender. It began Monday with French and UN forces launching what’s being called the “Final Assault.”“Fighting raged today in Ivory Coast where forces loyal to the elected leader seized the presidential palace with air support from French and UN Helicopters. Laurent Gbagbo refused to step down after losing the November vote.” (Video: NBC)Live blog updates from France 24 reported Gbagbo’s forces declared a ceasefire after being overpowered.“But in the end, Gbagbo’s forces were overwhelmed, as their leader apparently took refuge in a basement bunker under the Presidential Palace - a palace that seems to symbolize the power he now finally seems to be surrendering.” (Video: BBC)Reuters first reported a surrender from Gbagbo Tuesday, citing proof from internal UN documents. But the Ivory Coast leader and his camp quickly responded, saying -- he hadn’t stepped down yet. And as negotiations continue -- NPR reports -- a city waits on edge:“So, negotiations are happening. If it means that the heavy weapons fire and the helicopter - the fighter helicopters that have been attacking strategic positions will end, the civilians in Abejian will be relieved... at least for now.”While the country and the world wait, focus turns to the impact of the violence. CNN says both sides blame each other for at least 800 killed, and one million displaced:“Gbagbo's forces blame Ouattara’s forces, Ouattara’s forces blame Gbagbo. Whats interesting is those forces loyal to Alassane Ouattara are called, the ‘new forces.’ And Ouattara is maintaining his distance from them, saying -- I don’t have any control over these rebel groups.”And on Al Jazeera, a former editor for West Africa Magazine explains -- even if Ouattara succeeds, his presidency will be tainted.“The fact that he and his troops have been accused of having killed many civilians, raising a problem and even if he becomes president -- with intervention forces... he would have to live with this really big sin - that he has been put to power by foreign intervention.”Get more multisource world video news analysis from Newsy.Transcript by Newsy.
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