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Don't have a capture card? this is great for youPlease take a second to Double Click LIKE and Favorite please i want this to go viral so everyone sees how to do it thanks guy's =)what you have to do1.register att http://www.callofduty.com2. Link your youtube channel on the call of duty website3.get the clip you want it can only be 30 seconds at the MAX4. go to theater mode on black ops and render your clip5. when its done render go to theater beta on the call of duty web site if its not there check the call of duty youtube channel that all renders are uploaded to and keep checking it should be posted soon render the clip in sony vegas (of you want for better quality)7. Double Click LIKE and Favorite please =)Do you enjoy our videos please show your support by subscribing to our channel to also keep up to date with our most exclusive videos at.