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The countdown . Taker comes out slowly through the fog. Full entrance, full pyro, raising the lights and there's a lighted version of his symbol over the ring. Off comes the hat and Triple H's music hits. All of the green lights from the stage made Taker's eye glow in an eerie green way that was kick ass!Triple H!" chants. Trip steps up into Taker's face. They stare each other down. Trip turns slightly, rolling his eyes up at the WM sign. Taker slowly turns to look at the sign, then slowly back to Trip. Taker slightly shakes his head, smirks, puts his hat on, shaking his head, smirking. Taker steps away from Trip and stops. Taker turns back at Trip and makes his throat cutting motion. Trip give a crotch chop back. Taker looks incredulously at Trip