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Mr. Killa (A.K.A. Baby Killa)Yes it may be true that you may have just heard of him, but by the time you really get to know him he will already be the biggest star out of the Caribbean.A native of Gouyave in the parish of St. John, Grenada, Mr. Killa is a Soca artist whose musical ingenuity expands outside of just Soca to whatever he puts effort into. His motto is success.Where does his unique style come from? Inspired partly by Michael Jackson, Mr. Killa's exceptional creativity extends to his clothing and the design and intricacy of his stage props and ensembles. Looking at his costumes, you may think of costumes out of a Batman film or Marvel comic book. His stage presentation is currently unparalleled in Grenada. For Mr. Killa, personal style is a crucial part of his presentation as a performer.How does he move a stadium of thousands when his counterparts struggle to get a hundred going? That part you'll have to ask him, but he most definitely is capable of pleasing a crowd. In a recent concert he captured the title, the coveted, Grenada Soca Monarch for 2009 with an electrifying performance, parts of which you can see in this video. The crowd simply went insane.How can you meet Mr. Killa? Just go to Gouyave and ask for him. You may have a little difficulty doing that just now however, because he will soon be off to a few major cities to perform. If you live in New York or Toronto you may be lucky to get a piece of the action.To hear his music click any one of the video responses beneath this video.Signing outYour favourite guerilla reporter,A