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or Oboe Reeds Ebook step-by-step manual, teaches you not only how to scrape the reed, but also how to honestly evaluate it. Because there is more than one way of going about making a reed, several different methods of reed making are covered in the book.Here are some of the topics which are covered in the ebook:✔ How to look at and evaluate the reed objectively.✔ How to balance a reed.✔ How to use the crow of the reed to tell you what to do.✔ How to make your air, embouchure, and reed work together.✔ How to make reeds at high altitudes.✔ How to systematize your reed making to obtain more consistent results.✔ How to stop worrying about reeds!Also included is email support for any reed problems you may have. If you have any questions or problems, simply send me an email and I will try and give you a hand.Free subscription to the "Making Oboe Reeds Newsletter" which will come out once a month filled with all sorts of useful info.Free updates of the book. As technology changes, I will add things now and then to the book. You will be entitled to all of these changes FREE of charge.Find out more at: