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======================================Follow me on these sites!TWITTER - - BLOGS - STREAM - EMAIL - INFO:This is one of the most insane songs by a real drummer, the incredibly talented Chad Sexton of the band 311, one of my favorite bands of all time since i've been a kid.This is all done by a single drummer, live in concert: just youtube search the name of the song, "Applied Science" and you'll get the video for the performance. (there are other drummers playing at the same time, but they're playing exactly what he's playing, not playing extra parts or anything)I actually requested TheLieInKing to chart this months ago, this video itself is at least 3 or 4 months old: I debated putting it up because it was only about my 3rd or so try of it, and it's a poor run in general, but i'll go back and redo this chart on Pro Drums once he's updated it for that, go for gold stars.Once RBN2 gets underway i'll try to do all those audition songs i've had sitting on my hard drive, hopefully updated with pro drums for as many charts as possible, but in the coming weeks you can expect GH:WOR and DJ Hero 2 stuff for a bit, plus commentary.Also check out 3:02 lol at hitting that with double strokesChart by: Thanks: Drum Pads: Pedal: