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For a new releasing film ?Hissss?, hot & sizzling Mallika Sherawat all the way from Bollywood to Alappuzha (a district of Kerala) to pray a snake god. She traveled to Mannarasala Temple, which is about 40 km from Alappuzha district and temple is supposed to be the oldest, being 6000 years back. It is called Shree Nagaraja Temple and main idol worshipped here is the snake god.

Hot Hissss actress, Mallika fully dressed like a mallu girl, with white saree and blouse which is a traditional wear of Keralites along with jasmine flowers came there as a devotee ,not as an? actress. Is all this pompousness real or reel? Her visit is quite skeptical and she herself is becoming a brand image for her latest film, Hissss.

In her yet to be released film Hissss, she is playing a half woman and half snake girl. The film has everything for her to show her sensuality and she has made use of it in the best way showcasing her.

According to Mallika,? I have been here to give my offerings to the snake god, since it has been about 24 years that a film about naag/naagin is made, I prayed for the film to do well.?

The film Hissss was directed by Jennifer Lynch, it also has Irfan Khan as well as Divya Dutta as other stars. The movie has been dubbed in 3 languages, of which one among is Malayalam and it will be released this Friday.

A huge portion of the film has been shot in the interior parts of Kerala and she is also expecting that the people of Kerala will make it a hit.

She also said ?I have great respect for Shobana and Mohanlalji and I would like to do a Malayalam film, if I got a good role?.

Is Mallika praying snake god or campaigning her film Hissss?
Originally published on: All India Today

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