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"Ausser ein Elephant, trampelt da nix. Saftiges Songwriting!
Hip Hop Bravo

"Wertung: Sehr Gut"
Stiftung Warentest

"Ohne die Roemer haette es ueberhaupt nie einen Dritten Weltkrieg gegeben."
Dr. Alfred Schliemann

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In the year 2010 AD the whole world was occupied by the Roman Empire.
Did I say the whole world? Oh, no there was still a small Village
where the inhabitants would fight the Roman siege with Deutsch Rap.
It's unnessecary to introduce the hero, or is their anyone who doesn't
know Asterix Atonal or Obelix Tork the dork? - Oh, I see. The are out
on their first album after the promising debut on Shalom Salon called
"Outtakes" back in 2006 - Killer Nerd Group.
The CD is dead! Long life the CD!