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Last week’s talk was a pretty serious one. We discussed cutting, self-mutilation and self-harm and many things that go along with that. The focus of the talk on how we, as youth workers, can help teenagers overcome the self-harm.

This is one of those subjects that you want to be proactive in learning about before it comes up in your youth group. Once that kid who’s struggling talks with it about you, there’s no time to put the conversation on hold, study for a couple days, and then come back to continue the discussion. Start educating yourself now.

Chris Schaffner, who joined us in this call, pointed us to his blog post, “Self-injury Quick Reference,” which will serve as a good starting place for youth workers learning about cutting and self-injury.

Panelists in this disussion

Tim Schmoyer [host]Chris SchaffnerBrent LacyTom Roepke

Some items we discussed

Common myths behind self-harmDemographics and statistics of those who self-harmHow to identify students who self-harmIs cutting something to be concerned about?Steps to helping a student overcome self-harm

Resources that were mentioned

A Bright Red Scream: Self-Mutilation and the Language of Pain [book]Hope and Healing for Kids Who Cut: Learning to Understand and Help Those Who Self-Injure [book]To write love on her arms [website]Life Hurts, God Heals [youth group curriculum]

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