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Imtiaz Popat and I celebrated Labour Day on The Rational last night. We discussed Labour Day, my Labour Day article today: "Labour Day, Dignity and Doubling the CPP", volunteer labour, dignity for seniors, doubling the CPP because $11,000/year is unacceptable, BC's pathetic minimum wage, a fall federal election could lead to a Liberal minority government and time to leverage them for economic dignity, student poverty is a result of right wing ideological choices: post-secondary education is seen as an income boost and the government wants its cut, the government is managing our CPP funds by investing in tar sands and privatized highways, BC's Gateway Project and the North American transportation infrastructure vs. Peak Oil, workers and unions need to engage in society by working in coalition with community groups and climate justice, corporations and government employers are not taking the lead on greening our society, so workers need to, extremism, xenophobia and skapegoating, increased corporate profitability, how productivity gains aren't trickling down to workers: class war, all majority governments are bad right now, especially considering how much of the social conservative agenda being introduced by Harper with just a minority government, BC Conservative party's increasing viability, along with the BC Greens means more of a chance of a BC minority government in 2013, what will it take for a BC political party to say they'll actually get rid of the HST?