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CC photo by Lenore Edman

Back in 2008, Nora interviewed Alex Steffen from During the interview, an interesting question came up: “Why buy a drill if what you really want is a hole?” Alex told Nora about product service systems, which turn products (like drills) into services (like a drill rental service). There are many examples of product service systems all around us. Car sharing services and public libraries are good examples.

Now, there’s a new twist to some product service systems: peer-to-peer. Instead of borrowing or renting from a company or organization, sites like NeighborGoods and SnapGoods encourage their users to borrow from one another.

To learn more about this trend, Nora talked to Micki Krimmel, founder of NeighborGoods. A shorter version of their interview will air on an upcoming episode of Spark, but you can hear the full, uncut interview below, or download the MP3. [runs 14:12]

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