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Imtiaz Popat from "The Rational" and I talk about HST petition oddities, recall of MLAs, a fall legislative session, the BC Conservatives and the NDP on the HST, a new BC Liberal leader, Kim Campbell and Rita Johnson, a fall federal election, direct democracy, Vic Toews being an immigrant and his messaging, the Tamil ship and hidden and blatant racism, the philosophy of asylum, SFU Political Science department has worked hard to get rid of all full-time female tenured professors, university tenure versus a just-in-time workforce, re-victimizing Haiti, engaging in controversial politics to air out our dirty racist laundry in public, Vancouver and Toronto Pride Parades and queers and Palestine, Wyclef Jean as the Schwarzenegger privatization presidential candidate for Haiti, the increase of reactionary politics in Canada, faith-based policy formation versus the long-form census, G20 charges that don't really exist and laws that don't exist, a federal Liberal-NDP coalition, Ignatieff as a political leader rather than an economic leader, bloggers in Haitian camps blogging about their lives.