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00:00:07 ISBW #13300:01:12 State of the Mur update: final season of Heaven (War) is finished! Upcoming projects:�Project Underground�NaNoWriMo � other WriMos are welcome to visit the MightyMur profile page (Mur is happy and flattered that so many people want to be her NaNo �writing buddies�� but it may take time for her to �friend� you back. Please be patient!)List of helpful iPhone/iTouch writing-themed apps for future blog postMailing books to winners of the writing prompt contest00:04:38 Promo: Jennifer Hudock�s Goblin Market00:05:43 Main topic: Cautionary tales for novice writers, including advice re: NaNoWriMo & podcasting novels. Balancing �you�re allowed to suck� with �is it ready to put out there?�00:13:45 Promo: The Scotchcast00:15:03 Interview: Lou Anders of Pyr Books and Pablo Defendini of at DragonConShort fiction website mentioned during interview: SF SignalHow to submit to Email short fiction to Patrick Nielsen Hayden at pnh at Email comics to tordotcomics at or pablo.defendini at tor.com00:50:52 Promo: Well Told Tales00:51:48 Feedback & Announcements: Event! December 10, 2009 (Thursday) from 7pm-8:30pm reading/singing/performances with Jeff VanderMeer and Natania Barron at Chapel Hill Comics. Mur will also be at BlogWorld in two weeks to talk about podiobooks. Feedback: Who is the antagonist in the typical romance novel? Update from listener Tom, re: balancing multiple projects. Writers� conferences. Writing contests. Who does the podcast intro music? Beatnik Turtle! More thoughts on use of language originating with the specifics of the real universe in the context of a fictional and other-worldly novel.

Show notes provided by Carrie Kei Heim Binas.