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Kremlin boss-for-life Vlad Putin went to an air show, and watched as Russia’s newest jet, the T-50, took a test flight. Then he boasted that it was a “fifth generation” stealth fighter, able to beat the only other plane in that class, America’s F-22 Raptor. “I know, I’ve flown,” Putin said.

But not even an outlet as pliable as Pravda could bring itself to agree. “The stealth technology, a mandatory requirement for a fifth-generation fighter jet, has not been fully developed for T-50,” Pravda noted. Plus, “the T-50 lacks the required electronic equipment.”

But some in the U.S. — especially those angry about the Pentagon’s decision to cap production of the Raptor at 187 planes — appear to be closer to Putin than Pravda. Air Force Association president Michael Dunn called the T-50 “fifth generation,” and asked, “Do you think the Russians will stop at building 187?”

Now, the plane certainly appears to be fast, and maneuverable. It’s certainly has the potential to be stealthier than previous Russian jets.

The T-50 still isn’t supposed to be ready to deploy for another five years or so. How well the Russian supply chain can crank out these jets remains an open question. And “for anyone contemplating the use of the word ‘Raptorski’: don’t,” counsels aviation guru Bill Sweetman. “It’s not an F-22 in many important ways.”