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00:00:07 ISBW #144 00:00:53 State of the Mur: working on novella, other short fiction, pondering some self-publishing production expenses.00:02:42 GoTo Meeting Message00:03:18 Level Up! A geeky role-playing-games perspective on learning from your mistakes: failure gets you experience points. Anyone else want real badges for life experiences, like in the Boy/Girl Scouts?� There are nerd merit badges, and NaNoWriMo badges, and the You Can Do It: The Merit Badge Handbook for Grown-Up Girls (show-notes writer Carrie owns this one: scroll down to see sample badges)… can we design and produce some Author Badges?� (The Duotrope shop also has t-shirts that say things like “author” and “published.”)00:13:48 Promo: The Radio Adventures of Dr. Floyd00:15:00 Interview: Ellen Datlow, Editor (find her on LiveJournal.) New anthology, Darkness: Two Decades of Modern Horror.00:36:59 Promo: Can’t Stop the Serenity: Worldwide Charity Screenings for Equality Now00:37:59 Feedback part 1: Ask a Lawyer! with attorney Steve Tupper (aka Stephen Force, host of Airspeed, an aviation & aerospace podcast): Legal implications of hotlinking/resizing & hosting artwork to accompany fiction excerpts? Discussion of exclusive rights in copyrighted works in the U.S. and fair use (see also 1841 decision Fulsom v. March, explaining piracy). The fact that you’re not making money off the use of a work does not mean it’s “fair use”. Brief discussion of licenses. Brief discussion of internet links. Obligatory disclaimer.00:54:56 Feedback part 2: chapter length and pacing (recommended listening: Writing Excuses episode on Pacing with interviewee James Dashner); fan fiction addiction; definition of “dark fantasy.”00:58:50 Mur gets advice from “Bad Cop” Matt Wallace>: overcoming fear of success.

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