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The final one, for now. Insanity/rage all over the place in this short end clip, make sure to watch the volume on your speakers/headphones. :DI'll eventually beat this, make more videos of my attempts to do so later on for sure (there's no way this will be the last Syobon Action 2 video EVER), but the good news is that I finished my new intro for my RB videos, and new ones should be up within a few days.Definitely been a fun series to do and a welcome break from Rock Band stuff in general, but i'm really wanting to get back to making some RB videos again, as well as working on my own music video projects.The very short clip at the end is the computer i'm recording this on, also the view of the camcorder recording my voice during all this. I started laughing pretty bad right after I turned the camera off, hahahaOh, and at the end, I say "that's all folks", not something else.If you want to play the game yourself, it's at start on the new levels, press 5 at the title screen, then press enter.Slowriderxcorps directed me to the sequel, he's at did a runthrough of this a while back, he's at