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Rothenburg ob der Tauber in Germany - that beautiful little town on the Romantic Road is for tourists the epitome of German cities. The Altstadt (old town) of Rothenburg Germany is a patchwork of winding cobbled lanes lined with picturesque half timbered houses. Massive towers like Röderturm and the intact city walls form a ring around Rothenburg Germany and you can walk on top of it to get great views over the city and the Tauber valley. No other town in Germany brings you closer to the spirit of the Middle Ages - especially the medieval festivals like the so called Master's draught let you truly get in touch with its moving history. If you like to get some impressions of this festival Master's draught, start the slidshow on the right side and see the pictures of Rothenburg. What makes Rothenburg ob der Tauber Germany even more exciting is its reputation as town of eternal Christmas. All year round lots of shops offer beautiful handcrafted Christmas gifts and souveniers. In December the town gets realy crowded, because nobody wants to miss the famous Christmas Market, one of the most romantic ones in Germany.