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As it turns out, Michael Bay will not be directing an adaptation of the upcoming young adult sci-fi novel I Am Number Four, which he bought the rights to last summer. Instead, Heat Vision reports that D.J. Caruso, best known for his Shia LaBeouf-headed Hitchcock homages Disturbia and Eagle Eye, will be at the helm. Sadly for comic book fans, this does mean another obstacle in the way of Caruso's long-planned film of Y the Last Man.

But those of us who are fans of Jon Cryer's '80s classic Hiding Out can rejoice with this news. Because if you are indeed a fan of Hiding Out, it's probable that you'd also enjoy a science fiction version of the movie -- even one that's unofficially so. See, I Am Number Four, which was written by James Frey (of A Million Little Pieces infamy) and Joby Hughes, is about a group of aliens who escape their planet just before it's destroyed by other aliens and head to Earth. The title character (that'd be "Number Four") does his hiding out as a high school student.

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