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http://commercialepclondon.comRecently the world looked to the Copenhagen climate conference to begin to establish a framework by which we could begin to reduce global warming and emphasize corporate environmental responsibility on a worldwide scale. Even with the disappointing outcome of the summit, many businesses are recognizing that having a green initiative is crucial to their corporate strategy in 2010.Even in the absence of global regulation, a corporate green initiative can provide drastic cost savings, unite employees around a common goal, enhance the companys reputation in its community, and give the company a head-start on legislation that will mandate carbon emissions in the future.Still, many organizations are finding it difficult to get green initiatives off the ground, even after creating internal task forces, and dedicating resources to the project.Determining Project LeadershipThe successful green initiatives that we encounter are typically spearheaded by the companys CEO or a senior manager. Having this level of investment ensures that the project is well-funded, and doesnt quickly fall out of favor when other corporate initiatives demand franchisegreen business opportunitygreen business