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An astonishing 7,300 photos were submitted for Kiteboarding magazine’s November 2009 issue. Some photos fall into the usual categories of amazing waves or incredible freestyle shots, and others are, well, let’s just say way out there. From this library of photos we compiled a list of shots that turned heads here at Kiteboarding magazine. Enjoy this unique collection of 24 photos that will inspire, humor, amaze, captivate and entertain you.Wind Farmer

What would you do if an ankle-nipping border collie chased you through the horse pasture? Jon Modica finds a creative way to escape, until he reaches the other side of the pond and the dog happily greets him.

Photo: Adam KochThe Slider Project

With this new massive fun box added to the already-established assortment of rails and kickers built by The Slider Project crew, the Hood River, Oregon, kite park attracts the best wake-style riders
in the business, like freestyle guru Ruben Lenten (shown here).

Photo: Lance KoudeleUrban Assault

Flysurfer team rider Lennart van Schuilenburg takes advantage of the Netherlands’ flat landscape as the wind flows smoothly into this skate park for a nighttime kite session to remember.

Photo: Ramon SchoenmakerOoh La La

All you have to do to hang out with kiteboarding beauties Susi Mai and Tuva Jansen is buy yourself a private island in the British Virgin Islands like Virgin mogul Richard Branson. Otherwise, keep dreaming.

Photo: Tracy KraftSlice of Heaven

No, this is not an actual 136 cm Jimmy Lewis Park board; it’s Dustin and Christine Hall’s wedding cake, with edible foot straps and all. Kudos to Dustin for establishing his priorities early on. Weeks before the wedding, Dustin sent his Jimmy Lewis board to Lewis for a minor ding repair. When Lewis heard about the cake, he sent back a brand-new custom board as a wedding gift. Now we would like to see an edible kite to go with it. Who knows, you might get a free kite.

Photo: Nicole RuleWipeout

You’re not learning unless you’re crashing! As much as we like to see a perfectly executed KGB, the occasional free-falling, ball-smacking, water-inhaling wipeout can be equally, if not more, entertaining.

Photo: Enrique AbreuRide at Your Own Risk

Not long ago, kiteboarders avoided obstacles at all costs. Now, a core group of riders are magnetically pulled toward them, like Kevin Steen, who rides the wall on this John Wayne Slider in Hatteras, North Carolina.

Photo: Tracy KraftDreaming of Tubes

While most of us merely dream of kiting a nicely breaking wave, seasoned pros — like Naish team rider Reo Stevens — are all too familiar with an epic shacking. Note to self: Step one to manifesting the dream of getting barreled is buying a ticket to Reunion Island (pictured) or another near-perfect break.

Photo: Stephanie FournetNear Decapitation

Dimitri Maramenides resurrects the old-school one-footer with a bit of personal style — and nearly severs his head.

Photo: Bryan HarveyBeach Doctor

While most riders think pumping up their kites is enough of a warm-up for a hard-core session, Dr. Sarah Ellis can give you real tips on how to stretch before riding. You’d be an idiot not to let the doc warm you up.

Photo: Elea FaucheronInvisible Board

The next time you’re heading to the tropics, leave your snorkel behind and pack your see-through board instead. Eight months ago, North team rider Dirk Hanel had a crystal-clear vision as he began experimenting on a transparent kiteboard made of Acrylite. This CNC-shaped kiteboard comes complete with foot bed inserts and a custom rocker. Although for now this is a bit of a novelty, it could be a glimpse into the future.

Photo: Roberto Foresti/CanonExcess Rubber

While it was more than warm enough to ride in just shorts when this shot was taken in southern Florida this spring, Damien LeRoy threw on NPX’s Lucifer drysuit for some R&D. A bit of sweat isn’t so bad when you’re getting paid to kiteboard.

Photo: Tom LeroyInfluenced

Surfing, wakeboarding, snowboarding and even motocross all made an indelible mark on kiteboarding, and as shows here with a kickflip at the Pro Pool on Maui’s North Shore, skateboarding and wakeskating are influencing our sport as well.

Photo: Rachel HastilowSwell summer

Although Sky Solbach avoids wearing wetsuits at all costs during the summer, it’s not too hard to persuade him to suit up for clean, head-high surf at the Oregon coast.

Photo: Richard HallmanStuffed

While this Airush van is absurdly full of kiteboarding gear, there is still enough room for three Aussies, three Frenchies and one American to squeeze in and tour Western Australia’s epic coastline. That must be one stinky van!

Photo: Dave TyburskiBombs Away

As crab fishermen set up their traps, Kevin Langeree acid drops off this dock in Hatteras, North Carolina, successfully scaring the crabs to safety, and rides away, leaving two pissed-off crabbers wondering what in the world just happened to their dinner.

Photo: Bryan ElkusTravel Bug

After traveling across the entire Pacific Ocean from his hometown of Coolum, Australia, Ben Wilson couldn’t wait to score on the frigid Oregon coast.

Photo: Lance KoudeleJibbing in Paradise

Beautiful location? Check (Antigua). Great wind and perfectly flat water? Check. World-class obstacle park? Check. With a perfect playground in his backyard, Jake Kelsick bonks a barrel following a stylie board slide.

Photo: Tracy KraftNo Wind? No Problem!

It’s not every day you see a kiter out on a glassy body of water, but this Flysurfer SilverArrow kite has ridiculously good low end, making such an illogical concept a reality.

Photo: Courtesy FlysurferSteezie Slezy

In one of the most stylie presses we’ve seen recently, Jason Slezak tests out the comfort of his Liquid Force limited-edition Synergy CT bindings and the flex core and grind base of his new 2010 Liquid Force Influence Grind kiteboard.

Photo: Gregg GneccoWind Awareness

Got an iPhone and an insatiable curiosity about the wind’s speed? Then put your wonder to rest a by turning your cell phone into a wind meter. That’s right, your iPhone can even help you pick what size kite to rig. Download this handy app at

Waters don’t get much prettier than this. Jeremie Tronet throws a powered kite loop over the electric blue waters on the island of Francisqui Abajo in the Los Roques, Venezuela, archipelago.

Photo: Linn SvendenA New Kind of Board-Off

Hood River, Oregon, local Jim Bison tries his hand at starting a new sport: kitebarefooting.

Photo: Gavin ButlerWhere Not to Learn

Generally, kiteboarders choose this sport to stand out a bit more than the average guy. Well, if you take a kiting trip to Tarifa, Spain, good luck getting noticed!

Photo: Susi Mai